Looking Glass

Looking glass, time has passed for my lady And though the years have gone, the years have done no wrong And your beauty remains the same inside my looking glass Arise and your eyes, looking down on me Reflecting the pleasure All the joy, you and I Love keeps you near Love is the mirror […]

Looking For The Right One

I’ve been so unlucky I’m no good at playing games I remember their faces Forget their names Thought I found the right one But she hasn’t found me So I bundle up my emotions and start Looking for the right one But will the right one ever come along I’m looking for the right one […]

Looking Back

Lookin’ back over my life I can see where, where I caused you strife But I know, oh yes, I know I’d never make that same mistake again Lookin’ back over my deeds I can see signs that a wise man needs Oh, if I had just one more chance I’d know I’d never make […]

Look to Your Dreams

To say I’m romantic would be quite semantically true But make-believe passion has fallen from fashion’s milieu It’s understandable why we’re a little confused It’s asking for trouble just watching the six o’clock news But for a moment, all things aside, look to yourself somewhere inside Look yo your dreams Don’t they still seem worthwhile? […]

Look Through My Window

And the rain beats on my roof And it does not ask for proof It’s not that lovers are unkind She always said there’d come a time When one would leave and one stay behind We both knew people sometimes change And lovers sometimes rearrange And nothing’s quite as sure as change And the rain […]