Ready For The Victory

Ready for the party, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 go Go, go, go, ready for the victory, go, go, go You’re in our hearts, Just from round to round And you will be the champion, The king without a crown Like a fireball (like a fireball) You never never give up (never give up) Hear the engine call (hear […]

Ready 2 Go

I turn it on, I set the tone And I know I’m ready to go I saw you waking up against the wall And I knew you were ready to go Tonight, I’m a different guy Forget about the things you know And if you wanna do it, we can do it right I can […]

Read My Mind

On the corner of main street Just tryin’ to keep it in line You say you wanna move on, and You say I’m falling behind Can you read my mind? Can you read my mind? I never really gave up on Breakin’ out of this two-star town I got the green light I got a […]

Read Between the Lines

You’re not the first to be lonely Thank God you’re not the only Relax with the fact you’re surrounded Follow your bloodline We feel warm when we think we’re protected Cry out when we feel rejected Maybe in some other life we’re connected We’ve seen it all before Please take heart, find your soul Read […]

Reach Out

Reach out Reach out for the medal Reach out Reach out for the gold Come play to win Never give in The time is right for you to come and make your stand Reach out Reach out You now hold the future in your hand You have come from everywhere across the land The stars […]

Reach for the Sky

I forgot just what it is to want And I forget just what it is I always wanted I forget the last time that I didn’t cry over absolutely nothing at all And this is getting so old And I am getting so old And this is getting so old And you’re just getting so […]

Reach for It

whooo Into some funk Dance y’all must quit the set? cuz when the ship hits your hip better not try to fight it ‘cuz the rip is strong and mighty when the potion hits your notion and you start that rollarmotion it’ll make you slip it’ll make you dip and cause a tingling in your […]


I was lost, filled with hesitation Without a plan, no determination Until we met, you were my salvation And now I know There’s nothing I can’t do in my life As long as I have you in my life You let me see the strength I have so deep inside Now I believe I know […]