The Young Ones [DVD]

The young ones Darling, we’re the young ones And young ones Shouldn’t be afraid To live, love While the flame is strong ‘Cause we may not be the young ones Very long Tomorrow Why wait until tomorrow? ‘Cause tomorrow Sometimes never comes So love me There’s a song to be sung And the best time […]

The Young Offender’s Mum

I’d like to teach the world to sing And put an end to suffering if I could With the dedicated heart and soul Of Britain’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll Robin Hood But your eyes are dim you cannot see Your middle name is misery And you’d like to teach the world to sing You’re gonna […]

The Young & the Hopeless

Hard days made me, hard nights shaped me I don’t know they somehow saved me And I know I’m making something out of this life they called nothing I take what I want Take what I need You say it’s wrong but it’s right for me I won’t look down Won’t say I’m sorry I […]

The Yip Song

The old man, he was flesh-they wheeled him in upon a trolley Vera Lynn, Vera Lynn Draw a window on his skin This old man, he was next-blindfolded to face the volley Vera Lynn, Vera Lynn Love will come of all our sins Painted on my tail fin now Vera Lynn This old man preserved-in […]

The Year the Sun Died

“Contempt and defiance brought the haze Truly the sun was dying Deliverance came like a stark shadow for some, slowly, twisting.” Contemptus saeculi We’ve reached the final days We tread the light of nothingness In fractured existence, we praise the light that still remains We have reached the final war Beaten heads broken against the […]

The Year Before the Year 2000

If you fear, my dear, the end is near, Please do check your frontal hemisphere. Bitty chicky thinks the sky will fall. You should sense I’ve guessed, it just won’t end at all. It’s hard to keep from hoarding when you wake up Monday morning. In your life with no end in sight; You thought […]

The Wrong Year

Gray Jane was a riverchild Born down by the river wild Said, hey, what I wanna be Nobody’s gonna intervene And she wants you but you won’t do And it won’t leave you alone And the rain falls on the wrong year And it won’t leave you alone It won’t leave you alone Could be […]

The Wretched Spawn

Conceived through rape Procreate A vicious brood Ravaging intercourse Penetrate with coarse Forsaken, nude Spawn of the wretched, born of the rape Dawn of the murdering beasts of hate Spawn of the wretched cunt defiled Pawn of the darkness, blasphemous child The wretched spawn, inherently vile Inherited traits Reprobate From birth an urge No chance […]

The Wreckers

The breakers roar on an unseen shore In the teeth of a hurricane Oh, we struggle in vain A hellish night, a ghostly light Appears through the driving rain Salvation in a human chain All I know is that sometimes you have to be wary Of a miracle too good to be true All I […]