All the King’s Men Harmonica tabs

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Watch me! watch me!
The belle of the ball
My heart, my hand and everything I own

And we are the boys
With new shiny shoes
We’ve seen ’em all
And we’ve chosen you
Now no one will find your limit

Girls from Roedean
Girls from Shipley
Girls from Hounslow
Girls from Whitby
You’re a candied queen
And let me show my darling what that means

Watch me! watch me!
Hatch me! hatch me!
A girl before
Bouncing round behind the bedroom doors

And we are the boys
Who’ll drape you in jewels
Cut off your hair
And throw out your shoes
Cause baby, you won’t need them, where you’ll be

Girls astride me
Girls beneath me
Girls before me
Girls between me
You’re birthing machines
And let me show my darling what that means

Hatch me! hatch me!
And baby, turns out I’m evil
In all my dreams, girls who’ll clothe me
Girls who’ll feed me
Girls who want me
Girls who need me
All you pretty things waiting for somebody
Number my babies and my broken body

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