Baby Workout Harmonica tabs

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Hey, you!
Come out here on the floor.
Lets rock some more.
Come out here on the floor,
Honey, lets rock some more, yeah!

Now when you get out here
Dont you have no fear.
Put your hands on your hip
And let your backbone slip
And work out.

Oh, my momma, move up ,
Party move back ,
Shuffle to the left ,
Wobble to the right .

Now its plain to see
You put a hurtin on me
But its a natural fact
I like it like that,
So work out!

Yeah, baby work out !
Honey, work out!
Ah, baby work out!
Shout and turn the joint out!
Work out!
Work out!
Work all night long!
Yeah, yeah!
Baby, round and round we go.
Dont you know, dont you know?
Round and round we go,
Where we stop, nobody knows.
The band is swinging on the stand,
Were moving in, were moving out.
Then well step back now and end this dance with a shout,
So work out!

Now when I tell you to shout I want you to jump at it!
Yeah, lets shout, baby, lets shout!
Honey, lets shout!
Baby, lets shout!
Yeah, shout and turn it out, baby!
Lets shout, lets shout, shout all night long!
I gotta have it just one more time,
Now here we go!
Round and round we go,
Now work out, work out, work all night long!
Work out, baby!
Work out woman!
Shout and turn the joint out!

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