Banshee (Ghost Fame) Harmonica tabs

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Well I have to swallow pride, but it’s making sick
Well I have to swallow pride until I’m sick
We’re here to fulfill every one of your dreams
A small nominal fee
It only costs you your soul

They say the older the bullshit, the more offensive the horn
It’s another trick, another matador
(I don’t want to be that)
If you can take that, then you can fake that
Until you grow a new mouth to say
“I hate the ones that you adore”

Swallow pride until you feel sick
My stomach hates that, hates the bitter taste of the truth
Well I swallowed pride until I felt sick
Bulimia tastes better when you swallow the truth

If you’re equating fame to religion, then where’s your faith at?
Go ahead and sell yourself when in rome
(Now I finally see that)
You can make it- nah, but you can fake it
Although that skin is uncomfortable
I’d rather show some skin than bear my soul
I am the man that existed the year that hell got cold
Now that I’m mature enough to feel devil’s touch
We’re going to f*ck until we’re numb

How you like that?
How you like me now?

We drove a hearse into the crowd and took the willing
A leap of faith with a foot on the ground to wait for you
When they say “go” I will say “no”

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