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I’ll be your imagination,
If you forget how to pretend
And when you only got a beginning
I’ll be your end
Everything falls apart
I’ll be your brand new star

And all you got to do baby is be you
All you got to do baby is be you

I’ll be your every kind of money
When you down to your last dime
Ill be a year or 2 when your running out of time

And if your star don’t ever shine
It still be there in the light of mine


I’ll come up with something
As long as you are somewhere
And no matter where or when you need me
I’m going to get it there

I’ll be your granulated sugar
When your craving something sweet
If your out of sink
I’ll get you back on the beat

Your still my horse an case
You never ever win a race


I’ll be your super fast express when you train is running slow
And when the signs all say stop
I’ll make em all say go
If your star don’t ever shine
You’ll be in the light of mine

[Chorus: x3]

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