Bear With Me Harmonica tabs

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I know that you’ve enjoyed all the good things
Money’s given to you
And that to have to live without them is not an easy thing to do
You take great pride In your appearance all of which is

Second to none
And I can understand how you’re feeling when you
See yourself growing old
The man you love is never there to hold

So bear with me just a little bit longer
Bear with me and I guarantee you that our love
Will grow stronger
Bear with me just a little bit longer honey won’t you

Bear with me
I know I said I’d be back tomorrow without any further delay
And I know how you felt when I rang up and told you
That I had to stay

You seem to forget that I’m doing everything In my power
To safeguard both our futures we cannot live on love alone
Gotta have more if we’re to build a home
So bear with me etc…

Love Is the strangest thing as any song will tell
Just when you think it’s heaven
It turns out to be hell

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