Bed Bed Bed Harmonica tabs

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The day is done
The sun is down
The curtains have been drawn
And darkness has descended over everything in town
The covers have been turned and I’ve got my pajamas on
I’ve had my fun
I’ve stretched and yawned and all is said and done
I’m going to bed
Bed bed bed bed bed

I’ve done so many things today
There’s nothing left to do
I ate three meals, I rode my bike, I hung out with my friends
I did my chores, I watched TV, I practiced the guitar
I brushed my teeth, I read my book, and then I sat around
I’m going to bed
Bed bed bed bed bed

Moo [Repeat: x4]

Oh it’s pointless staying up for even twenty seconds more
When everything has happened and there’s nothing else in store
The thing is now to lay my head down, close my eyes, and snore
And so to bed directly I go


Bed bed bed bed bed

I’m going to bed
Bed [Repeat: x8]

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