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Kick it in, Paul

And yes yes y’all
Yo, can we take this up a little higher?
To the next plateau?
Yo D, you want to show em some freestyle or what?
I’m going first, I’m going first
Check it out

Ch-ch-check out the news, never singing the blues
It’s your choice, so it takes you to choose
The best in rap, the best in r&b
The best in rock, the best in p-o-p
Who works the hardest, sweats the most
Who was on camera (click-click) and who was the host
I say the Daddy, D-a-double d-why
Oh here’s another hero
Trying to stop the flow, I say hell no
It ain’t that much stopping a Rambo
Proceed to give you what you need
Wise words to speak, so take heed
Stompin MC’s like a pesty rodent
Outsell em all like Bazooka does Trident
Too much heat? Get the f*ck out the kitchen
You’ll take a hike, so you better start hitching
Stop bitching, you make me want to laugh
You say my foot’s in your ass? It’s only half
All the work I’ve done for years and years
Blood, sweat and no goddamn tears
So let’s kick this party from dead to live
Shoot it on up like a Colt .45
MC Delite, if you’re number one
Bust a cap in the crowd with your rhyming gun

Yo, pop-pop-pop, what a shot, here’s another jam
This time around I come again to slam
See I write the songs that makes the young feel proud
I’m working harder by the sweat of my brow
I’ve been endowed with the gift to slice the mark
So take part as the four begin to spark
And the pinnacle as things get critical
I’m sweating bullets, but I’m cooler than a Popsicle
Pull off a miracle as a black symbol
That overcomes yet any obstacle
I scraped the floor, my knees get scarred
But no way I give in, cause I gotta take charge
Like when my foes want to make things drastic
I melt em down like real cheap plastic
It ain’t no thing, no sweat by me
Cause I know damn well where I want to be
So join my party if you see things my way
Pick up the album right now today
This year’s the year we keep you in gear
And it’s clear, blood, sweat, no tears

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