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[Don Magin Juan]
Bo$$ Playa. Bo$$ Playa.
Big Snoop Dogg is a Bo$$ Playa.
This is the arch bishop Don Magic Juan
Skin and Game, yea

Many people know we know about this pimp game
But I’m sure they wanna know about this pimp game
And to me it ain’t no motherfucking thing
To give it to you plain and simple cause you know its played
Holla at ’em doggy dogg, go and do that thing
OK, son, tell you like my nigga “Pootie Tang”
I got that bounce, to make her booty swang
That little cutie thing, fraid she’s a beauty bang

[Snoop Dogg]
Rollin with a player cause that’s what he was
And dedicated to his paper, G’s up
On his bitches hard as fee’s up
And if the law-boys pull him over he wont freeze up
He got the heeta fa heeta in the keys-ah
With a pocket full of big-faced visa’s
They say its cheaper to keep her now baby ease up,
Kick back and blaze some of these trees up.
And now sit your ass in the trees-ah
And do me a favor and turn the music up.
Should I slap her, or should I freak-ah
I’ll take the strong and you can have the weak-ah.
Speak when spoken to
Yeah I broke a few.
And by the way I was hoping you
Had a freak for me and a freak for you.
I make her do for us
The same thing you’ve been wanting her to do for months


[Don Magic Juan]
This is the chairman of the board,
The Arch Bishop Don Magic Juan.
Big Snoop Dogg is a Bo$$ Playa.
As a matter of fact,
I was there when he was crowned “Bo$$ Playa”.

[Snoop dogg]
I had, 3 on my right arm, and 4 on my left
Lime n green n gold who was sharp to death
Had to catch my breath, watch my step.
Playing this game, you can holla at the ref.
And call a time-out
Before you put your dime out.
Stop, pause, rewind, before you put your rhyme out.
And go to the Wizard of Oz
To tell him that you are trying to get yourself a brand new heart
A brand new start
Cause you realized you had never played your part
And that was smart.
It’s like a art the way I articulate
And break these bitches from state to state.
See, I’ve been the fliest since I came out the gate
I ain’t ask for it homie I just shake n bake.
I wont fake to make you by my take
I say a prayer to my Lord just to keep my faith
F*ck straight.


[Snoop: x2]
Will you steal for me? (Yes I will)
Will you kill for me? (Yes I will)
Would you lie to me? (Never)
Would you die for me? (Whatever)

[Don Magic Juan]
Big Snoop Dogg let you know
That this game aint for no lame.
If you got heart, you can play this game.
But if your heart aint right,
We got a remedy for that, too.
You got to go see the Wizard
To get you some heart.
And arch-bishop Don Magic Juan is the Wizard
That’s got the game, for them lame.
Bo$$ Playa! Bo$$ Playa! That’s what this game is all about.
Bo$$ Playa.


Gangsta, Gangsta, where you been?
Running round the corner hustlin’ wit brother and them.
Youngsta, Youngsta, you at it again?
Popping gats motherfucker when you know you got his
I don?t think that you should be in the streets like that
You know you the fashion type of cat
Always in stores, with major whores
Doing things, bling-bling.
West Coast runnin’, lovin’, hustlin’,
Smokin’, always chokin’ indo weed
With the sticky in yo hand fa sho
Everybody round, cause they know you got mo’
Where’s the Cristal, you like to get wild
You like to dip in yo six and shit
Rollin through them streets, popping CPT.
L.B.C. Rollin with me, oh

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