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To the bom bom diggy-zizzy need the tricky i said i really xxx don’t forget the cab. A piece a my piece my soul control the beast, get arrest off my chest, keep far from the rest. progressive best wham bam thank you ma’am, you the man with the transnational plan I snap my uncle sam. I said it’s Joani Mitchell that does look like a rich kid with bombs who killed the Fonz, Henry Winkler, How does he think?; does he drink at all; does he sink at all; big rock eyes girls don’t treat me nice you gonna burn off those wings with all those shiny things

Bom Bom diggy…

all that we can we men creep when it see em in the east end when the T stem Pretend the gasoline went in the ground and right between them. Wit bout mon and why don’t keep firm but the kind bud taught to caught police scent then keep firm while we was standing right outside you never know what the helicopter. Mine sent around to a robber (you) never know what the helicopters straight dawg i hate that place want to see me and HFE whino a womans cry flys want to do my girlfriend dry fret of a auto ride will come up, don’t ever say “what winona does” Lord ’cause they think I’m turning up with a (wet) response to their remark, just ’cause I’ve everything under control don’t even know who’s runnin the show with the guns and the hoes, what if I know when it comes to the doe I’m on a role nigga wit a job But it’s a cool flow but the hoes isn’t right for the video. The green boyz show their flyin skills why they always try an tell informers gonna fry in hell Bitch don’t even try and hell One reac!

he’d in my pocket well Nigga gonna dye in five minutes so Me and mu congees I am well things they tryin die and gel gotta be fast when your ass beats hard finish scheme off so no body see you are This badge is like a movie star ain’t reyin to see no fuckin police cars. that’s when I try back draw back (sirens outside off that’s right There goes the slam of doors on my side Gotta tell nobody Four and then five To the Bom bom who is diggy….

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