Born Harmonica tabs

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Is it a garden waiting to grow
Is it a secret that nobody knows
Is it a poison or is it a cure
Contaminated when you think that it’s pure
Born live on the air
At a tv station with the whole world there
Born holding your hand
Spinning the big wheel with the studio band
Will you be true or will you be false
Is it an omen or is it a curse
Will it be early or will it be late
Is it a dead end or is there a gate
Born live on the air…
Will you be here or some place else
Will you be tired or will I have to dance
Will you be sexy will you lie on the floor
Or will you forget completely what I came here for
Born live on the air…
Have you been drinking or is it your scent
There’s so many bottles is your money all spent
Is there a corner to put all this mess
You’d think you were lazy, please undress
Born live on the air…

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