Break ‘Em Off Harmonica tabs

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I’m a break ’em off real bad
I’m a show ’em pourin’ up a deuce and ridin’ slab

I’m a break ’em off real bad
I’m a break ’em
I’m a break ’em off real bad
I’m a break ’em
I’m a break ’em off real bad
I’m a show ’em pourin’ up a deuce and ridin’ slab

[Paul Wall]
Now I gotta work ma wood grain wheel
Poppin’ trunks, poppin’ grillz, still poppin’ seals
High up in the hill with ma mind on millz
Piece of chain swangin’, bank roll, shiny grill
Baby, I got million dollar dreams with ma mind on cream
I’m in that mean, green machine clean on nineteens
Flat screens in the headrest, swangin’ like a swang set
Brandy wine, paint wet, comin’ down – that’s a fact
I’m in the ‘lac chasin’ broads like a lesbian
Full of that Kush flower; I’m breakin’ off pedestrians
Higher than the street lights, floatin’ like a parachute
Buzzin’ like a bumblebee, mustard green Bentley coupe
Young gangsta mac, game sharper than a thumbtack
Breakin’ ’em off, makin’ all the boppers attract
Then they watch me; I’m rocked up, fully loaded and slabbin’
Tryin’ to hit it and quit it
Walk off like Big Poppi, then break ’em off

[Chorus x 2]

[Lil’ Keke]
Aye, aye
I pull up like this, untouchable white wrist
I’m hotter than warm piss, berry grape Sunkist
The truck gold mist, five-fifty slow, buddy
Bentley continental with the mink floors, dummy
Paul Wall money – that’s expensive taste
And ’em frilly ass fools – we send ’em to Myspace
I’m a break ’em off until the backbone’s broken
Stainless steel drop phantom; leave the top open
Shit done hit the fan; better cover your nose
And the Kush done start burnin’; better cover your clothes (that’s right)
Concrete crumblin’, glass shootin’ lasers
Crawlin’ and cuttin’ up on twenty-four razors
I’m a show ’em how to make the slab look phenomenal
Chasin’ paper in the mornin’; call me Houston Chronicle
Hold on, then you buckle up the seat belt
Swisha House, Young Don, capital TF

[Chorus x 2]

[Paul Wall]
I’m higher than the satellite, crawlin’ like a baby
Maneuverin’ through the traffic like I’m Tracy McGrady
Still choppin’ on ’em buttons; I’m struttin’ and lookin’ fresh
Switch hittin’ like Berkman; this is ballin’ at its best
In dat minute maid droppa’ with retractable roof
Finer than wood, wavin’ the hood, student loans on the two
The fifth wheel on the ground, and the trunk in the air
Paul Wall, baby, I’m the definition of playa
Ma skillz is so ill when workin’ that wood wheel
Tippin’ fours like a waiter, beware of the o’erseer
Wide screen mind frame, panoramic pimpin’
I’m sippin’ on dat Osama, baby, leanin’ like I’m limpin’
In dat two seater feeder; it’s me and a senorita
Three ounces up in the liter, and it’s ten up in the heater
Mackin’ a mamacita
Runnin’ game like a cheetah
I’m knockin’ ’em out the park
Similar to Derek Jeter (Break ’em off)


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