Casablanca Harmonica tabs

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In Casablanca the sun is shining
The desert flower is blooming there
In Casablanca my love lies waiting
My heart is burning to meet her there
Casablanca Casablanca

We met one lazy Moroccan summer
We came together just like a dream
And then one lonely Moroccan winter
The desert took her away from me
Casablanca Casablanca

Casablanca I’ll wait forever
Casablanca until I die
Casablanca we’ll be together
Underneath the blue Moroccan sky

The nights are colder, the days are longer
‘Cause I’m still living in yesterday
And I’ll be lonely again tomorrow
I can’t believe how she went away
Casablanca Casablanca


The wind is blowing, the streets are empty
The moon is kissing the midnight air
The great Sahara beyond the city
Is holding someone a prisoner there
Casablanca Casablanca

[Chorus x4]

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