Casanova Cricket Harmonica tabs

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Someone’s in the meadow down on lover’s lane
Making lots of racket, raising lots of Cain
Casanova Cricket, that the name you rate
Raising all that racket, staying out so late
Casanova Cricket, it just ain’t right
Sleeping all day and a-kissing all night
Casanova Cricket, what would some folks say
Can’t you do your courting by the light of day?
You needn’t act so mighty righteous with that innocent mug
‘Cause you’re a kissing bug

Casanova Cricket, why for goodness sake
Don’t you know you’re keeping decent folk awake?
Casanova Cricket, now it just ain’t right
Sleeping all day and kissing all night
Casanova Cricket, there you go again
You got yourself a ladybug, as sure as sin
Go find another place to kiss, another place to hug
‘Cause you’re a kissing bug
A rickety-rackety, crickety-crackety kissing bug

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