Community Property Harmonica tabs

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I would give you the stars in the sky
But they’re too far away
If you were a hooker, you’d know
I’d be happy to pay
If suddenly you were a guy
I’d be suddenly gay

Cause my heart belongs to you
My love is pure and true
My heart belongs to you
But my cock is community property

You’re the only girl that I like to screw
When I’m not on the road
When I come home, my dinner’s made
And the front lawn is mowed
I’ll kiss your mouth
Even after you swallow my load


I wanna make it clear
So you retain it
My dick’s a free spirit
And you can’t restrain it
No, you just can’t chain it down

I love you so much it hurts
From my head to my feet
I think of you and I can’t
Help but fondle my meat
I see your face every time
That I go out and cheat


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