Cry, Cry, Cry Harmonica tabs

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Are you ready for bad blood?
I’ve got my share
I’m sick of them sweet sweet nothings
Oh! In my ear

Ain’t funny I’m the honey
All your money just can’t buy
So baby you can cry cry cry
Now the last laugh is mine
You ready for hot stuff?
Be prepared

I’m sick of your cheap cheap hustle
Oh! Don’t cha dare
Let us pray the lord have mercy
On your mercenary mind
‘Cause even if you cry cry cry
Your heart out
I won’t be kind
Are you ready for good times?
Hard to bear!

You’re steppin’ on holy ground
Hold it there!
I’m fading out your hologram
A phoney toothpaste smile
Remember when you cry cry cry
Your heart out
I did mine

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