Cry Softly Lonely One Harmonica tabs

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Cry softly lonely one
It’s over, it’s said, it’s done
Don’t let your heart break down
He’s not the only one
So you’re blue, And lonely too
Don’t fall apart
And when the teardrops start
You can cry;cry to me girl
Cry;cry to me girl
I’ll be standing by
I will dry your eyes
But for now, cry softly lonely one

Cry softly lonely one
Your heartaches have just begun
And though they linger on
Carry on, be strong

You’re baby’s gone, Left you alone
But I’ll stand by you
On the long nights through
You can cry, cry to me girl
See’mon and cry, cry to me girl

From this moment on
Don’t cry all alone
You can run to me;come to me
You can cry to me
Tonight and forever,lonely one

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