Dancing Shoes Harmonica tabs

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You must have heard of a little bo peep
she was the gal with all the sheep
Well one day its sad to say
the sheep all went away
she was lonely she was blue
She was sad and a crying too
So I told her what to do
I said.
Put on your dancing shoes (3x)
Dance a way your blues

A friend of mine had an accident
Laughed so hard off the wall he went
Humpty dumpty was his name
I guess you’ve heard the same
He was a lying on the ground
A bits and pieces all around
So I told him what to do
I said put on your dancing shoes

(repeat chorus)

I’m sure you know about Jack and Jill
they’re the ones that went up the hill
Jack fell down and broke his crown
Jill came tumbling after,
What a noise their crying made
It was a ringing through the glade
so I told him what to do
And I changed their tears to laughter

(repeat chorus)

Put on your dancing shoes (3x)

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