Danger Money Harmonica tabs

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I’m 3000 miles from home, I’m so tired and I’m all alone,
It’s a good thing I’m single, wish I could swing all night long,
But I got a job with a price on my head so I must get away,
It’s one hell of a lifestyle but then it brings in the pay,
Nowhere to hang my gun (No time to say hello)
And every mother’s son (He wants to see you swing)
I take the job again (And you will never know)
I dread the moment when (The telephone will ring)

Danger money
Danger money
Danger money
Danger money

I got a Luger strapped to my thigh, I got a Magnum as well,
I got my cold eyes for comfort, I can be hotter than hell.
I’m a professional man, I could see you in seconds flat,
I can show you no mercy, well they don’t pay me for that.
A fine political mess (And someone’s got to go)
Just leave name, time and address (In plain, sealed envelope)
I get out just in time (And no one tells the tale)
And all that’s left is mine (But how do you feel?)

Danger money
Danger money

I’m a soldier of fortune, I’ve got the will to survive,
But when the brass tacks are down I’m lucky to be alive.
When I think back on my past, well I’d do the same thing again,
I got a bug now for the danger, just take the money and run.
I start this whole machine (And when the bullets fly)
I’m nowhere to be seen (You’re too afraid to die)
It’s on the news tonight (They wonder who you are)
I’m on another flight (But you’re going nowhere)

Danger money
Danger money

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