Danny Harmonica tabs

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Dirty little face and two big laughing eyes
Nothing could replace that look of half-surprised
When I come back home:’Hey, what’d you bring to me’
That’s him, that’s Danny!

Smart as he can be, always on the run
Though he’s only three, you’d swear he’s twenty-one
When you’re feeling down just look around and he’ll be there
That’s Danny!

Sometimes he’ll make you mad and tear the house apart
But if you see him sad, he will break your heart
And some unlucky day when skies are gray over you
He’ll make them blue

Acting like a star, dancing all around
Strumming his guitar though it’s upside-down
Shooting at a bear he’ll make you think it’s really there
That’s Danny!

And though it’s kinda hard for me to understand
One day I will wake and he will be a man
Still somehow, I guess, he’ll always be the same to me
He’ll always be

Just my little boy sitting on my knee
Playing with a toy, smiling up at me
Nothing I could gain, no wealth or fame to take the place
Of the smiling face of Danny

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