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I know you used to care for me
I can tell by the look in your eyes
I thought you will be there for me
Until the day I’ll die
Certainly I looked around
And you were nowhere to be found
You never even said goodbye
And now I’m searching for a little girl

[Chorus:Repeat x2]
I don’t know why it hurts so bad
I can’t understand (baby) why you left me so sad
Don’t know the reason why I can’t understand
What I feel inside I don’t know

Confusing brokenhearted
That’s what I feel when I think about you
I thought we’ll never be apart
Somebody tell me how can this be true?
Now I’m all emotional
And it’s getting hard to control
If this is hard found I don’t need it
Cause it cause to beef baby


Everyday I look over my shoulder wishin’ you in there
You promised never to leave me
You said you’ll always care
And know I found myself all alone
Know where to turn
Tell me what must I do

Don’t know (getting deserve this baby)
Can’t understand (don’t know why you left me so sad)
Don’t know (well I can’t going crazy)
Can’t understand (somebody tell me what I feel inside)
Don’t know (why it hurts so bad)
I can’t understand (why you left me so sad)
I don’t know (the reason why I can’t understand what I feel inside)

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