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And a bus comes in on the Hollywood freeway in the dark
A face catches sight of home, though at this spirited town
Such a beating of the heart and a hope deep down inside
They say the streets are paved with gold
But it sure looks kind of cold outside

Steppin’ on the sidewalk with the stars beneath her feet
Just a handful of tourists, is all she’s bound to meet
So tough to find a room and it takes more than a day
And it’s not too nice and the price is high

Somehow she can’t help but cry
In a world full of fantasies, reality can hurt
It’s about the fiction, the odds won’t go with her on

Dream street, dream street
Will it all come true? Will it all just fade away
Dream street, dream street
Well, it’s hard to find and
It won’t let hope escape from dream street

A year goes by, and the situation she can’t stand
Came to be an actress, but a waitress is all she lands
Her colleague smiles at her through the wrinkles of her face
She came here too, with the self-same goals
She never got out of this place

She makes her mind up, she’s gonna leave that very night
It’s been so long now since she’s felt that good inside
She calls the service line, there’s a message in there for her
She’s gotta star in a movie part, suddenly it’s all worthwhile
Oh a little bit closer now, but really still too far
Is it always out of reach, that bright and shiny star of


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