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I don’t watch sad re-runs
I want to feel the new day that comes
And If I make mistakes, oh well, that’s alright
I’d rather fall and take the sting
Then let somebody clip my wings
I know eventually
I’ll learn to fly, ya ya

I see the world how it could it be
Dreaming in color
It looks so beautiful to me
Dreaming in color
In reds and blues a thousands hues
Coming in clear and bright
We don’t have to live in black and white
Dreaming in color

When everything is looking gray
And nothings really going my way
Everybody tells me that I shoot too high
I don’t let it shake me, no no
There’s a secret place that I go
All I have to do is stop
And I close my eyes, ya ya


Is there to touch
Is there to feel
The world I’ve been dreaming of
One day I will make it real
I see the world how it could it be
Ya ya
And I close my eyes, ya ya ya


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