El Capitan Harmonica tabs

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[Chorus: x2]
Ooh la la la la la la la
Ooh la la la la la la la
Ooh la la la la la la la
El Capitan!

I’ve been rockin’ since the 1900s
A microphone and two 1200’s
So back in the day we use to f*ck with Alize
Now we kick it with the liquid from Kingston J.A.

In the morning you be crudo make you eat menudo
Pissin’ out your culo got to act the foolo
I like it on ice with Coca~Cola
I sip it from L.A. to Capitola

Watch out for the rollas pull over to the shoulder
Shoulda started drinkin’ when I was much older
Some like gin, some like tonic
I like the Captain with a half-ounce of chronic


One night in the summer about two months back
I went out on the town without a plan of attack
Heineken, shots of 151
And a bottle of what we call El Capitan

What happened that night you can’t quite recall
The fact is, boy, you can’t remember it all
You woke up in the morning with a spinnin’ head
And a teenage girl lyin’ next to you in bed

You kicked her out and then you slammed the door
Trying to forget about the night before

A month goes by you can’t remember the date
Girls at the door says “Boy I’m late!”
That’s what you get for outplayin’ the ho
And now you got a kid with a girl you don’t know

And the first thing you thought when she dropped the bomb
Shouldn’t have been fucking with El Capitan


Now drop the chalupa pick up the mic
And let the party people know just what ya like
Well it comes from Puerto Rico
So you know that I be diggin’ it

And if the bottle’s empty then you know that I been swiggin’ it
Hittin it now the Party’ legit
Hynas getting lit shakin’ tha booties and tits
We the OPM clique and that’s how we roll
So get some education from the man shakin’ low

Now Captain Morgan was a pirate dude
He used to jag motherfuckers and act real rude
As a real live person he wasn’t much fun
But he sure made a good ass bottle of rum


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