Epiphany (I’m Leaving) Harmonica tabs

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And then it comes to me like an epiphany

Its over
Its over

Second night in a row
You didn’t come home
I’m watching my phone
Waiting for it to ring

Sitting in the house on the couch with the TV on
All night all alone
Every time same old thing

So I think I’m just about over being your girlfriend
I’m leaving, I’m leaving
No more wonderin’ what you’ve been doing
Where you been sleeping
(its over)
I’m leaving
I’m leaving

So you walk in
The next morning
To find me smiling,
Like nothing ever happened

You give me some excuse
Like you always do
I just kiss your cheek
And this is what I tell you (you, you)


How many times did I fall for your lies
How many times did I sit home and cry
Never questioning why? why? why? why?
It just came to me
Like an epiphany
How about if I just leave


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