Familiarity Breeds Contempt Harmonica tabs

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You don’t need to repeat it, repeat it
I hared it the first time time time

Well, you won’t stop by
And tell me what the trouble is
I couldn’t care less, ha ha, but my double does
And he told me we’re both superseded
So why not drop by, burst my bubble for me

So simple to be cynical
Respond to things with ease
Once an attitudes selected
Then behavior is a breeze

They think they’ve got it covered
But they’ve got it all wrong
Hard people make hard times far worse
Not the reverse

It’s the contemporary trap

They want to tell you where it’s at
When the past is thought irrelevant
Our destiny’s black

For they’ve limited themselves
To an urbanite perspective
And the build-up, rear-down
Press-gang acid attack

Familiarity breeds contempt
And suppresses attempts

Familiarity breeds contempt

Sour seeds grown into stifling creepers
Bitterness feeds on a drive alive
And now my heart bleeds
Familiarity breeds contempt
And a row of resentments

Familiarity breeds contempt
And I’m not exempt

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