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I held your hand so fair
And like the morning sun
We cause an ancient rhyme
Oh I will laugh, I will cry
For you

Like the wind that blows
The stars that shine
The cool of night
My ivory moon

The wind that calls
The stars will shine
And I will come
And you will say

This is enough
Of me and my foolish heart
My foolish heart

Oh you will take my hand
And we will wander far away
Oh you will take my hand
And I will follow

Down where the walls come crashing
Down where the proudest fall
Down where those fools come rushing in
To where they fell before

Down where the age has passed me
I will be sure
You will be there and I will belong
To me and my foolish heart

I will run to you
Hey johnny
Where you gonna go
With that gun in your hand…

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