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Working nine to five each day is starting to get tired
Trying to live my life this way, it’s hard to get excited
Now all the time I’m faced with responsibilities
And all the pressure’s falling down on me
Sometimes I feel like I just want to run. I want to get out in the sun
I want to be free to do whatever I want to. Free to be like a bird in the sky
I want to be free to do whatever I long for. Free to get out and fly, yeah
I want to be free, yeah
When I was just a child, I couldn’t wait to get older
I wish I knew then what I know now. I’d stayed a child much longer
We, the people. Who the hell are they fooling? Constitution made by the Union
An order, a sorta, supporta, for the rights of all man
We all take a stand, man, to what we can, yeah that’s the plan
Destruction caused by more money and greed. Do whatever in order to succeed
So if the people are free then just let them be!

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