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Ruff Ryders 1, 2, 1, 2
Full Surface yeah yeah
Listen what the f*ck I gotta say
I’m not a rapper, dog

I’m from the hood
I love the hood
I rep the hood
I lived in the hood
Started on the grind started with a nine
Motherfucker, I had to earn mine
A lot of niggas hatin’
A lot of niggas watching
A lot of niggas plotting
A lot of hearts stopping
I’m banging with the beats
I’m banging in the streets
I’m banging with the heat
S to the double
I to the double Z
Niggas look at me
Want no trouble be
I’m just minding my business
Making money, stacking chips just minding my business
You can catch me in a 360L or Padina (?)
Going down to Pasadena
The rubber will peel
Your head will peel
Your bitches will squeal
That’s when these hoes dying
Cause if I’m in court, (listen) guaranteed I’m lying
Fuckers, I had to get my business right
Had to get my money right
Had to get my label right
You can hate all you want, but I’m here forever
Swizz Beatz Part Whatever
I’m here forever (Bitch!)
I’m the Monster get it all right
Me and my niggas is dogs and we guaranteed to bite
Inf gon’ pop ya
Cross gon’ pop ya
Waah gon’ pop ya
Dogs gon’ stop ya
We working out the building
I started the beats, coming up out of the building
Nigga, 2E and the building 700
The Bronx Tenements, where I came up
Ain’t nothing funny playa
For the money, these niggas is hungry, playa
We love the hood
We run the hood
We own the hood
F*ck what you sayin’ dog
You got a problem we gon’ solve it
You got beef we gon’ bed that
You got lead we gon’ pop that
I got heat I’ma rock that
Motherfucking radio stations I drop that
I’m the one who had ten songs at one time on the
So get your mind right
y’all fuckers thought I bounced forever
y’all niggas better get together
Or whatever
I got beats galore
I got beats that’ll blow off your project doors
Beats that’ll flip over your Bentley X-Rs
Beats that’ll make niggas ready for wars
Beats for deaf, beats for blind
Beats that’ll make a thug nigga want to cock his nine
y’all niggas ain’t hard to find
y’all niggas ain’t out your mind (fuckers)
We love the hood
From the hood
In the hood
Swizz Beatz and I’m here for good
This is my ghetto story
This is my ghetto story
This is my ghetto story
Oh my God!
Inf gon’ pop ya
Waah gon’ pop ya
Cross gon’ pop ya
Dogs gon stop ya
Listen, doing this here
y’all niggas know, this we doing this here

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