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One goes through this rhyme that you
He made up his mind
That every little thing he does
Be designed to entertain you (yeah)
Ooh (yeah), his whole life through (that’s right)
He’s been walking through the rain (rain)
Until that day he run for you (uh huh, uh huh)
And the sun came pouring down (tell ’em girl)

Ay yo, my rolls be Liberace
And my bedroom is off the hook all day, designed by Versace
Y’all just watch me, this is how I blow up
Right when y’all finna leave the joint then I show up
Star-spangled up and my chain got cuts
Mr. T looked, saw my shit and went nuts
Starks stays in luck, truck
There’s a new gangster in town and he’s coming up
Staten Island’s cap on hoes with most info
Crown Royal bottles in the back, blowin’ Indo
Fly shit like Curtis Mayfield and his intro
Throw this in your whip, convent, your tens blow
Yo’ I kick the ill rhymes like this
Y’all niggas really never wrote rhymes like this
See’mon, stop frontin’ at a time like this
Pretty Tone in the house, you better hide your bitch

Ghost showers just a sign of the power
You feel in you, oh baby
Ghost showers got you by the hour
You’re dancing, too, oh baby

Behind the wall action
Barely spaghetti jewels, machetes for y’all
Little Debbie say “I bet he do”
Big bellies to big tellies, Jim Kelly’s, we flip Shelly’s
It’s Lils, dusted out heavy in the big Chevy
Kicked the ill rhyme, nah, nah, I said it before
I keep the club moist, ladies throw they panties on the floor
Action, Atlantic City lights, main attraction
Slick talk, jiggy at the door, got the gat and

Yeah, see’mon
Oh, you know that rhyme won’t end
We ’bout to slow this down right about know and
Makes your day worthwhile
You know, wait for the drop to come back in and all that and uh
It takes your day that’s sad and blue
C’mon baby girl, sing that, uh, see’mon, didn’t y’all like that?
On a ride to far and move
C’mon, didn’t y’all like that? Yeah, say what, say what, say what
On that dark and troubled sea
Uh, ma’, that’s right now
Ghost showed you the light
Tell y’all, didn’t I tell y’all, didn’t I tell y’all, didn’t I tell y’all?
And now you’re dancing so fast and so free
[Uh huh, ay yo, hold on, I got you baby]
They’re leaving stormy skies behind
Check it, I run it back people, let’s go, here we go now

Yo, who got the biggest burner?
Ask the Terminator, Wes Snipes shit plus Ghost meets Vegas
Stage show magician, dip with with a bunch of candy
I got a lot of babies, y’all ain’t family
If y’all don’t hear me, y’all don’t feel me
My album is bulletproof, y’all can’t kill me
In 2003 the lease is up
We on the block now, no need for y’all re’in up
Pop your seat up, chop the weed up, excuse me if I’m horny
No doubt, I might knock the beat up
Florence style, all up on the set freezed up
All player haters get swiss cheesed up
Motherfucker if you with me, throw your hands up
Look, money at the bar, pick your man up
Me and Reese Piece is like diamonds in the rough
I need buyin-car money, but rhymin’ ain’t enough


Yo, Starks Enterprise, yeah, see’mon
That’s right, you heard, party motherfuckin’ people, yeah
It’s like that, straight up, nothin but the top, bitch
Yeah, that’s right, that’s my shit
This shit make you want to go, yo’
Feel-Ghost, feel Ghost, feel Ghost, now flow it, now back
Hop, hop, hop, word

Where do we go, where do we go, where do we go, go now from here?
Ghost showers got you by the hour, holding you, taking you, blessing you
Ah baby, the showers

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