Ghostdance Harmonica tabs

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I want to go where the blind can see
I want to go where the lame will walk
I wanna see the sick ones clean
Where the deaf can hear and the silent talk

Where are you going, to a ghostdance in the snow?
Are your all, maybe warriors, that are finally coming home

I wanna go where the dead are raised
Where the mountain lion lays down with the lamb
I wanna stand where God is praised
I wanna ride across the plains to the promised land


Where I’m going don’t need to raise your voice
No starvation, have plenty to eat
No guns, no wars, no hateful noise
Just a victory dance, we’ll never taste defeat

Where there’s nothin’ done or said that can’t be forgiven
Where every step you take is on sacred ground
Walk away from death into the land of the living
Where all the lost tribes are finally found

[Chorus: x2]

As they’re finally coming home

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