Go to Hell Harmonica tabs

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I’ve heard it all before and
You can’t make me no more
I must refuse your hug and
Little wish for one night love
Don’t mean to hold you up
I got a coach ticket and one way dream
Just thought you’d like to know
I’m in love with little Joe


Hey I’m gonna let it all hang out
I wish for little things
And to make you cum I had to bleed
Hey I’m gonna let it all hang out
Sure’d like to wish you well
But I pray to God you go to hell

Verse II

No time sure’d like to stay
Gotta make it, make it the American way
Not what I thought you’d be
Then again I fucked the king
And all the chicks you know
They just line right up to blow, blow, blow
There’s just one thing that you should know


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