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By far the worst is the hambuger lady
We must heal them for the qualified technicians (qualified technicians, qualified technicians)
Worst (worst)
Alternating nights are automatic
She’s lying there

Hamburger Lady (Hamburger Lady)
Hamburger Lady (Hamburger Lady)

She’s dying, she’s burned from the waist up (she’s burned from the waist up)
On her arm
Her ear is burned up and her nose (her nose)
Her eyelashes and fingers are burned, she can’t anything
And even with medical advances, there’s no end in sight
For the Hamburger Lady
When somebody tells you that there is a level of pain beyond which the human mind
Beyond which is the level of pain of the lady on the potty chair
Burned from the waist down
That’s what keeps her alive, the tubes
And the nice nurses
Hamburger Lady
Hamburger Lady
She’s okay if you change the tubes
Tubes in her legs, the tubes in her arms
Then the medic came and when he came out and saw one of the burn nurses at the desk
She was eating a can of Chilli-mac
And he flashed on the carpet, he flashed on the floor
The Hamburger Lady
Stretch since she came to us
The qualified technicians

Hamburger Lady
Hamburger Lady
Two minutes every three weeks and two minutes everyday
Things around seep in pain, knowing pain
Propping in the potty chair, keeps kneeled down
Qualified technicians
Haunting touch, keeps her alive

Hamburger Lady, he flashed on the floor

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