Hands Harmonica tabs

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Peter Held His Masterpiece
In All Six Of His Hands
Reactions There Were Natural
But Never Quite As Grand And

Hands Held The Breakfast Food
Hands Held It Tight
Hands Made It Understood
Hands Throughout The Night

Sara Was A Working Girl
She Traveled Through The Land
She Made A Mini-fortune
And She Held It In Her Hands And

Hands Are A Euphemism
Hands Hold It Tight
Hands Clap A Simple Rhythm
Hands Throughout The Night
And Hands

Gary Lost His Sunday Paper
Somewhere In The Sand
The Only Proof Of Ownership
Was Ink Left On His Hands And

Hands Count The Numbers Out
Hands Hold It Tight
Hands Make The Natives Shout
Hands Throughout The Night

And I’ve Got A Big Gun
It Weighs At Least A Ton
I’m Not The Only One
Who Holds It In His Hands

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