Here Comes That Heartache Again Harmonica tabs

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One more lonely trail
One more busted guardrail
One more safety net shot to hell
You’d have thought after the last time I’d have learned to read the road signs
The maps, they are of no use
I’m blind

Your cab speeds away in the rain
But there’s a guest that’ll soon be showing up again
I recognize her all-too-familiar face
‘Cause here comes heartache

Who knows how we got this far
A black leather jacket and a fast car
Wasn’t it always written in the stars?
You’d have thought after such a common thing
The books and pills and the distractions
I’ve have found a way to start

Delivered your good-bye with many a tear
Academy Awards await you, dear
One for the best supporting break
Here comes heartache

It was your movie from the very start
You needed a lead, so I tried out for the part
Forgot all my lines, so I gave you my heart
I got a review that you wrote
Keep it in the pocket of an old coat
What am I supposed with any of this?

The whole thing hits like a tidal wave
The pain, the shame, the fear and the rage
When that wall hits the beach, and we break
Here comes heartache

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