I Ain’t the One Harmonica tabs

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Girl you should know
Play around with fire and you might get burned
You must be insane

Think that I’m a hoe
Playin’ me for easy, sleezy baby you should know
That ain’t the way I roll.

Don’t play dumb
When you know you want some
You ain’t gonna get it
Baby you know I ain’t the one.

He was your man but he’s my bestfriend
I ain’t gonna hit it
Baby you know I ain’t the one.

I just can’t understand
Why you wanna go behind the back of my bestfriend
Messin’ around wit me
You must be insane
Don’t you realize the game done reckonized it’s game
So face reality

Chorus (2)

get it no… get it no (repeat 4)

I ain’t crazy (I ain’t crazy babe) this is all too close
Don’t try to play me (Don’t try to play me like a fool) cause baby I ain’t
The one
Don’t play dumb, when you know you want some.
He’s my bestfriend
He’s your man.

Chorus (3)

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