I Changed My Mind Harmonica tabs

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Well I came into a young boy girl with no experience
And here in here out, we had our ups and downs
But I always took it serious
I made the jokes, I played the fool
I took time made all the plans
I know I told ya that we were supposed ta have something booked for this weekend
But I changed my mind

I changed my mind, I changed my mind, I changed my mind
And I changed my mind

Well it started getting cosy girl
I let you control the reigns
And despite what I knew to be true
Well I’d hoped that things would changed
I’d even say I can’t completely blame
But I hesitate ’cause of our situations
In retrospect with the things you say
Would shift direction when put into action
But I just let it whiz on by
People say help me it’s going a wry
And I’d flip out and say that’s not right
Now I see my shit’s stacked high
And I changed my mind


Well looking back now as a young man girl
In hindsight I’ve been blessed
I never listened to my better judgement so my blind sight got the best of me
But we’d live and learn what you did in turn
Make me never ever settle for less
And what I deserve and once you mature girl
You’ll always be second best


It really pains me to see things change
But your limitations would of held me back
The things you say, try to under rate me
They were just a reflection of your self-respect
But now I let it whiz on by
Can’t tell me hell me can’t fly
Kiss my wings you can’t me hypnotise me
Hear the MC a saying this bye bye
I changed my mind
Bout this here relationship that you’ve become so complacent
I’ve changed my mind you’d sacrifice everything we had
For a low price
I changed my mind, plain and simple
Now take me ????? girl
Changed my mind I tried, I kept it quiet
But now why the hell d’ya want to go and hypnotise

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