I Could Be with Anyone Harmonica tabs

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One, two, three, four, one

I could be with anyone
Just while the honeymoon burns bright
No electricity that keeps things light
I’m not saying that it’s right
I’m not saying that it’s always right
I’m just saying that it’s not a lie

‘Cause I can talk to anyone
Care just enough about our wounded pride
A ballerina dreams a lead foot life
A sugar daddy and his clueless wife
And I know that it’s not right
I just don’t always know how or why

So I can stick to anyone
At least for a little while
A caffeinated stream of cartoon smiles
And conversations sharp and deep
A tempting sample of who I could be
Without the broken glasses waiting underneath

So I’d walk soft if I were you
You could cut up your feet
For now it’s just what I am
But it’s not what I’ll be, oh hopefully

See I’m in love with everyone
Every sweetheart on the scene
Each set of cheekbones that’ll flare past me
I’m not saying that it’s right
And I’m not saying it’s a life
I’m just saying it’s where I’m at tonight

And I could be with anyone

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