I Don’t Care Harmonica tabs

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Still just happy to be here, why’know?
Funk Flex, Volume 4, let’s do it

Uh-huh, uhh..
Two thousand, what, what, yo
I be the K-I double to the death and that’s that
If niggaz half nice, then that mean they half wack
Aqua blue Viper, whyn’t you try to pass that
With bitches that’ll snipe you where you buy your hash at
I even give daps to niggaz I blast at
And why’all gon’ give me my ASCAP, or get your ass capped
I take the clip out, and hit you with the back of the gun
Then put it back in and shoot you in the back if you run
Call me Jada, I love to clap the shit out a hater
Give my lawyer seven then give him another three later
Cause you know it cost a hundred to beat it
And I lost plenty fights, but my gun is still undefeated
Cause I’m tryin to be around like Boston Baked Beans
Gave so many samples out, that it’s hard to shake fiends
Since a young boy, I was taught to mind my neck
And since a grown man, I was taught to sign my checks
And I don’t want drama, but if you do I’m killin your children
Go to any project in the world and chill in the buildin
Hit me later, I think not, I keep the glock
And drive around with no coat cause my seats is hot
F*ck buyin a Range, if I ain’t with my son I’m gettin high
or either with my niggaz, at the firin range
While why’all clown niggaz keep jokin, and get treated like ashes
I clip why’all off and keep smokin

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I don’t care who you with, or who you get
Or what you got, all of that’ll get you shot
Everybody in the world know Kiss is hot
Everybody in the world know Kiss is hot

Ay yo, I got a lotta shit on my chest
and niggaz want to put more on it; so I gotta put

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