I Know Harmonica tabs

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You stalk in – givin me a bad thrill
You just look cool – and you’re dressed to kill
And I feel that you
Think you’re a big seducer

You come close – look into my eyes
And I feel that you’re livin in disguise
It’s so dead straight clear
You are just a lucky loser

Oh well I know
That you’re gonna get blind
When I’m through with you – all you gotta do
Is to go away – I won’t tell you no lie
I know – you should keep it in mind
You’re not good enough – just not rough enough
You are one big lie – you’re a swanker that’s why
I know – that you’re gonna get blind – ohh

You’re so vain – but you feel so hip
If you need results – baby here’s my tip
Get yourself someone
Who’s of the kind like you are

Of course I know – what you want me to do
But you ain’t no good – I’m too good for you
Baby just get lost
Ain’t no place that’s too far


If you want you may dream of me
But I’ll never be your reality
What you deserve –
‘Somebody undemanding


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