If That’s Your Boyfriend (He Wasn’t Last Night) Harmonica tabs

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You say that’s your boyfriend
You say I’m out of line 
Funny he said I could call him up anytime
You can say I’m wrong say I ain’t right
But if that’s you boyfriend he wasn’t last night

Now I’m the kind of woman 
I’ll do almost anything to get what I want 
I might play any little game
Call me what you like but you know it’s true
You’re just jealous â??cause he wasn’t with you
Don’t mean no harm I just like what I see 
And it ain’t my fault if he wants me
Got what I wanted and the feeling was right
So if that’s your boyfriend he wasn’t last night!!! 

Boyfriend boyfriend yes I had your boyfriend
Now late at night he calls me on the telephone
That’s why when you call 
All you get is the busy busy tone
You’re upset â??cause you’re one stuck-up bitch
Maybe he needed a change a switch
And who am I not to oblige
Especially if the man is fly
So call me what you like 
Call me what you like
While I boot slam your boyfriend tonight 

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