I’m Alright Harmonica tabs

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After all was said and done
There was nothing left to do
The hardest mile I ever walked
Was the one I walked away from you

So maybe I’m a little ragged around the edges
I’ve been keeping a little more to myself these days

But I’m alright
Sacked down but I’m still standing
Yeah I’m alright
Little banged up from the fall
But I’m alright
Still shaky from the landing
Yeah I’m alright after all

You know its really not that bad
No matter how bad it might feel
Cause there ain’t nothing time won’t fix
And this ain’t nothing that some time won’t heal

So maybe I’ve been walking a little wounded
I move a little bit slower now but that’s okay cause


And every now and then I think about you
Oh every now and they I cross the line


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