I’m Diggin’ It Harmonica tabs

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Can’t eat,can’t sleep
All I do is think about you
Hold on, what’s this feelin’
That’s my heart your stealin’
That’s okay my baby, I don’t want it back
What’s this chemistry, such intensity
And good emotion gettin’ through

It’s your sweet love, I’m feelin’ it
Can’t get enough, go figure it
Madly, deeply, baby I’m fallin’
Head over heels, I’m livin’ it
Heart and soul, you’re givin’ it
I’m thinkin’ that
I’m diggin’ it

Come on keep it comin’
Think you’re onto somethin’
So strong, so right, it’s gotta be real
You’re breakin’ down the walls and fences
There’s a powerful sense of
Good emotion gettin’ through

[Chorus x 2]

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