Impressed Harmonica tabs

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Romeo and Juliet
Louis and Mademoiselle Antoinette
Napoleon and Josephine
Mickey and the Rodent Queen

Anthony and Cleopatra
Nicholas and Alexandra
Ken and Barbie, Dick and Jane
Well, Superman and Lois Lane

I am not impressed
I love you the best
Well, I am not impressed

Just a bunch of losers
You know there are lot of fools
Long list of victims, not that cool
I got nothing in this world to live up to

I’ll never kill you, this I swear
Then kill myself just to be fair
I’ll never need another queen
We’ll never face the guillotine

Love is gentle, love is kind
Doesn’t poison baby’s wine
Isn’t jealous or provoked
Doesn’t quit or give up hope

I am not impressed
And I love you the best
I am not impressed

It’s just a bunch of losers
Act just like a fool
A long list of victims, not that cool
I’ve got nothing to live up to

I am not impressed
A long list of victims
Well, I am not impressed
Long list of victims

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