In Demand Harmonica tabs

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We were together i was blown away,
just like paper from a fan,
but you would act like i was just a kid,
like we were never gonna last.

But now i’ve got someone who cares for me, yeah, he wrote my name in silver sands.
I think you know you’ve lost the love of your life
and you said “i was the best you’ve ever had”,
because I’m in demand,
you’re thinking of the way you should have held my hand
and all the times you said you didn’t understand,
you never had our love written in your plans,
but now I’m in demand.

don’t ever think you saw the best of me,
there’s a side you’ll never know,
coz love and loving are two different things, set your sights far too low.
Its only when i fall asleep,
i see that winning smile,
then my dreams just move along,
you’ve lost the race by miles.

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