Increase the Pressure Harmonica tabs

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The second album full of same old songs
Fighting back against a system which is cruel and wrong
Yet another battering ram against a wall of power
A blasphemous attack to blow the leader?s cover
It’s a message from those who won’t take no more

Of seeing the privileged profit from the poor
Of the scientist?s piss they call research
Of being told we?re scum and should be birched
Well bollocks to them all, keep smashing at the wall

Pile the pressure on and Government will fall
But it takes more than music and more than words
To recreate a nation that’s controlled by hoards
Of police, army and f*ck knows what else

That they’ve got waiting for the backlash from the people who care
To question their control, their dividing lines
Power must be tested, it’s testing time
Power must be tested, we’ve heard that time and time again

But no matter how much pain and protest, nothing seems to change
The Government show forces and our movement cowers in fear
Some still strive for freedom, while others simply sneer
It’s the same old racket with the same old songs

Well it’s the same fucking system and it still stands strong
The battle continues so bollocks to them
Who mock our anarchy then bow their heads again
You try working for something that a system can’t make

Creating something that a law can’t take
Back as a loss of privilege for stepping out of line
Power ain’t been tested, so now’s the time to f*ck them up again

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