Innocence Harmonica tabs

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Doll house in the corner
Where you used to sit and play.
Cutting paper playmates,
Having tea at noon each day.
All the things you cherished
Now have faded all away,
And you’re a big girl now, you say.
All familiar faces that you
Used to watch and grow,
Now have turned to faces that you
Really do not know.
Now some special boy has come
Along and brought you joy,
He wants to make love to you.

There goes your innocence,
Who’s to say what’s right or wrong?
But it’s your innocence,
And when you give it up, it’s gone.
And in your heart, in your mind,
If you feel it’s the time,
Your innocence is gone.

All those little shadows
Flickering on your bedroom wall,
Once were scary monsters,
Now they’re all so very small.
Dangling on your mizpah
As you hurry down the hall,
You want to show all to all.

Repeat Chorus.

Follow intuition,
No you ain’t done nothing bad,
Take a look around you,
At your mother and your dad.
You’re not alone, it happens all the time,
you should be glad,
That you’re a big girl now, so sad.

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