Inside My Brain Harmonica tabs

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Would somebody stop my mind
It’s crawled away I’m goin’ blind
The rats crawl into my head
I can’t forget what I just said ’cause I’m
Inside my brain
You know I’m livin’ baby!
Inside my brain
I’m upstairs!
Inside my brain
There’s a hole in my head!
Inside my brain!
I see black Christmas trees
Barbed wire, funeral homes
I see your face, forest fires
Rats in the street gnawin’ at your bones ’cause I’m
Inside my brain
I’m lookin’ out yeah!
Insided my brain
There’s a hole in my head!
Inside my brain
[Brand new world yeah]!
Inside my brain!
Rodents drilling at my skull
Subtract my life from one to null
Hot cars and crashing sounds
These are the things that I have found when I’m
Inside my brain
Inside my brain
Ahhh, inside my brain!!!
Yeah baby, I found a new home
I drilled a hole in my head
I’m looking out yeah
It’s a brand new world!!!

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