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[Into You]
Giant Steps
From their album “The Book Of Pride”

Girl, we live in a world that goes too fast
People don’t give a love a chance
You have to say wait – stop and communicate
And girl, now thaat you’re here and we’re alone
It’s time for a little one on one
I’ve got to say this I know we can’t miss

I’ll never let you down
And I can be, all that you need

I’m into you (into you)
I’m into you tonight
I’m into you (helplessly)
‘Til you get into me

Girl, your laugh is the sweetest sound I’ve heard
Baby I hang on every word
You say that you care, I’m walking on air

It’s stronger everyday
And all I do, is only for you

[Chorus X 2]
I’ll be a fool if I should hide
’cause’ it’s all that you see and want it to be
Baby, please stay and feel the same way I do

I’ll never let you down
’cause’ I can be all that you need

Kenedict, Singapore

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