It’s Summer Harmonica tabs

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Outside my window
A robin builds a nest
At last, winter’s gone away to rest.
Once again the leaves have returned to the trees.
I can just feel that soft summer breeze.
There’s magic in the air
Winter’s disappeared
It’s summer
Children will be playing in the park
Days will be longer till dark
Nights will be cool
With star-filled sky
A perfect setting for a girl and a guy
There’s magic in the air
Everywhere, in the summer
Don’t you know it’s summer time
And the livin’ is easy, so easy
Everybody sing summer time
Now that summer’s here
There’ll be millions of things to do
Vacation near a farm
Whatever pleases you
Summer is the happiest season of them all
So everybody get together
And have yourself a ball
There’s magic in the air
Everywhere in the summer
There’s magic in the air
Everywhere in the summer

It’s summer time
It’s summer

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